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TREA Bylaws

          ARTICLE I

  1. NAME
    The name of this non-profit organization shall be the Texas Rural Education Association (TREA).  Affiliate organization is the National Rural Education Association (NREA).


2.1      MISSION
            TREA is a statewide organization with a formal affiliation with the National Education Association.  TREA                               promotes quality educational opportunities and experiences for all children from rural public schools which will                        enable them to live and compete in a global society.

2.2      GOALS

                2.2.1      To pursue the quality of excellence in education; to give identity, voice and exposure to the                               particular quality of rural schools; to enhance the quality of life unique in the rural community.

                2.2.2      To inform the legislature, state board of education, other such groups or agencies of                                                                 the concerns, needs, and research of the association so as to effectively influence legislation,                                                  rules, regulations, and policy makers at the state and national levels.

                2.2.3      To formulate and promote plans, proposals, subsidies, in service, and curricula which will be in                               best interests of the membership.

                2.2.5      To inform and solicit the support of the membership in promoting the goals of the organization.

                2.2.6      To develop partnerships with other professional organizations, state leaders, community                                                          leaders, business, school administrators and board members.

                2.2.7      To support the quality of education in rural school districts.

                2.2.8      To support provide scholarships and other benefits to students of Texas public schools                                                            which have a current District Membership.

2.3.0         To acknowledge outstanding rural school teachers through the Texas Rural Education Association            (TREA) Teacher of the Year Program.




                3.1.1      VOTING MEMBERSHIPS

                         District Membership

                                               Texas public school districts who consider themselves to be rural, institutions of                                                                        higher education, and Regional Education Service Centers shall be eligible for a district                                               membership.  Each member [which includes all employees of a district and                                                                              board members] of a District Membership shall have one vote for TREA purposes.                                                                    Each District Membership will receive One (1) National Rural Education Association                                                                (NREA) Membership for the District Superintendent or his/her designee.  (Additional NREA                                                      Memberships may be purchased by choice.)

                         Individual Membership

                                                Individuals employed by an organization eligible for district membership shall be                                                                      eligible for an individual membership.  All individual members shall have one vote for TREA                                                purposes.  [NREA Memberships may be purchased by choice.]

                         Teacher Membership

                                                Teachers at institutions with a paid TREA District Membership will be eligible for                                                membership at the Teacher Membership Level.  Teacher membership shall                                                                               have one vote for TREA purposes.  (NREA Memberships may be purchased by choice.)

                         Retired Membership

                                               Educators retired from institutions eligible for district membership or from institutions                                               of higher education or education centers shall be eligible for TREA retired membership. (NREA                                               Memberships may be purchased by choice.)



       Students enrolled in education or related fields at institutions of higher learning shall be eligible         for student membership.

                         Associate Membership and Business Associate Membership

                                               Any individual or business interested in the betterment of rural education and who                                                                    is not eligible for any other TREA Membership. (i.e. legislator, state representative,                                                                 vendor, sponsor, etc.)

                        Honorary Membership

                                             TREA may from time to time award honorary membership without payment of                                                                           dues to individuals or entities who have performed outstanding services to the cause of                                                           rural education or TREA.

                       Life Membership

                                            TREA may from time to time award life time membership for performing                                                                                    outstanding service to rural education or the TREA or may establish a one-time fee for such life                                              time membership.                                    Library Membership

                                            Institutions of higher education and research libraries are eligible for a TREA                                                                            Library Membership.

3.2          MEMBERSHIP DUES

                Membership dues shall be a condition for acceptance into the organization and officer or director position                                nomination.  The membership dues will be recommended annually by the Board of Directors and                                             approved by the general membership.  (See TREA Membership Dues attached).

   TREA will purchase annually NREA Memberships for individuals serving as Executive Committee Members,         Board of Directors and Regional Liaisons.  These memberships will be purchased in a timely fashion to insure     TREA representation in the National (NREA) Organization.


                The organization shall keep a current roster of the names, telephones numbers, fax numbers, email                                        addresses and postal addresses of members of the organization.  Membership information and                                               members will be posted on the TREA website.

3.4          VOTING

                Each TREA member with voting privileges shall have the right to one TREA vote on any matter which                                    requires a vote of the general membership.  No proxy voting or representation is allowed.


                The representative of the member district will be the superintendent or superintendent’s designee.

3.6          MEMBERSHIP YEAR

                For organizational purposes, the membership and fiscal year shall extend from August 1 through July 31 of the                     following year.




                4.1.1      The Annual General Membership Meeting will be held each-year during the Summer                                                                 Conference.

                4.1.2      Other General Membership Meetings shall be determined by a two-thirds vote of a                                                                  quorum of the Executive Committee.  Meeting site for a such a called meeting will be                                                                determined by the Executive Committee upon consult with CEO and Advisors.       




                The Executive Committee will be the President, President-Elect, Vice President, Treasurer,                                             Secretary (appointed), and Immediate Past President in consultation with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)                     and advisors.  Advisors will be the Executive Director (or designee) from the Regional Education                                       Service Center of the President and President-Elect.

5.2          GENERAL POWERS

                Affairs of the organization will be managed by the Executive Committee in consultation with the Chief Executive                     Officer (CEO) and advisors.  In addition to the powers and authority expressly conferred by these by laws, the                       Executive Committee will perform the requests of the total membership.  The Executive Committee will have the                   power to employ and set compensation for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).


                Officers of the organization shall be members of the Executive Committee and will serve one (1) year                                   terms in each position beginning with Treasurer.  These Officers shall be President, President-Elect,                                  Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary (appointed).

                Directors of the organization shall be elected to (2) year terms as outlined in 5.4.2.

                5.3.1      President

                                The President, in consultation with CEO, has the responsibility to see that all orders                                                                 and Resolutions of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors are placed into effect.

                5.3.2      Chief Executive Officer

                                The CEO will be selected and employed by the Executive Committee to conduct TREA                                                            matters as directed.  (Refer to CEO Job Description).


   5.4.1      Directors of the organization shall be elected for staggered two-year terms.  Directors must attend at            least  2 Board Meetings to continue as director the second year of the two-year term, unless extenuating      circumstances are justified to the President.

   5.4.2      Vacancies of a Director of Officer may be appointed by the Executive Committee for the                                unexpired portion of the term.

   5.4.3      Nominations may be accepted from the floor during the annual membership meeting if written notification      was received by TREA President at least 10 working days prior to the membership meeting.  Floor                nominees must be present at the membership meeting.  To be nominated for an officer position, the              candidate must be currently a member in good standing; be a current director or member of the                    Executive Committee and be willing to accept the position.

5.5          MEETINGS

                5.5.1      Board of Directors’ Meetings

                               The Executive Committee and Board of Directors shall meet a minimum of three (3) times per                                                year. Other meetings may be called at the President’s discretion.

                5.5.2      Annual Meeting

                               Elections of officers and directors shall occur at the annual membership meeting.  Any                                                            other necessary business as deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee will be brought                                                before  the general membership during the annual meeting.

                5.5.3      Meeting Quorums

                               A quorum for the general membership meeting(s) shall consist of those members present                                                        including at least a majority of the Board of Directors.  A quorum of the Board of Directors present shall                                  consist of a majority of the Board.

                5.5.4      Nominating Committee

                                The President in consultation with CEO shall appoint a nominating committee.  No                                                                   member of the nominating shall be eligible for nomination to any office.


                                Executive Committee Meetings will be called at the discretion of the President in                                                                       consultation with CEO and Advisors.



6.1          COMMITTEES

                Committees shall be established as needed by the President and Executive Committee.



7.1          AMENDMENTS

               These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the general membership present and voting at a general                     membership meeting.  Each member must be provided with a written (email is acceptable) copy of the proposed                   amendments at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting.




               The Board of Directors shall make provision for the auditing of the accounts, reports and records of the                                   association annually.