ISD raises state allotment from 70k-1.5m-See how...

Congratulations to Fort Davis and Michelle Hartmann, Deputy Superintendent and former TREA Board Member, who was instrumental in implementing the program.

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Teachers-Cybersecurity Curriculum Materials

Please see the link on this curriculum funded through the NSA.

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Thanks to those graduates who plan to serve our country!


Jerry McAdams Column-Great article about Small School Communities

I remember how hot it was in July of 1997.

We were hauling and unloading all our worldly possessions, including a one-year-old child, at the old Hafer place on the edge of town.

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Rural STEM Initiative Opportunity for Students

Van ISD West Texas STEAM Bus Tour-Cool!

Check out the Van STEAM Bus and it's activities.  The West Texas Tour info. is here, as well as other tabs to check out how it works and other activities:

Cool moment at Itasca ISD!

TREA's Principal of the Year Finalists![0]=AZX185cSJPt6Md8uEhjkjMw3Y3fjSGDr1usMKfoNiY3VwciePjgRJz2kbrttWCXI0Jtey71bURpQ95--GA_2SveQc3FIr80SJrjbtrQOPbtXbP23MDzdV8J0-ewd7fVZ4olHY6Z43UZag8w1DhHxMDHV-jIL1A6eskCguoGUTtKriYQMbH702IBpDuG-v3m6DZ_q9gfTkAayGLZ2zsJAE7-uPPb7FMzS3tkiYb0SGbGD7w&__tn__=EH-R

TREA's first ever Paraprofessional of the Year Finalists![0]=AZXNwO8rBXjlccNJaA7TQwIh237-auxWrAXDl72wSOec3NufNlXdasa1OVeNUslnI3N5s1kBA8TiHMiwPHkpyoziIChiO31AZFJQ2HvfmiseSbzotuUO4-jHSBggP6RFQULZoJZACVZXq2JXurSMr8fwQtQvfEhEBb6LhLQkIn2F8zx3UXg2D3GMYfeH06QrTrrr_yuVUZYbUxw8ZuoP1ArX&__tn__=EH-R

TREA's School Board of the Year Finalists![0]=AZVOQHEmYIUDpkxmyomf1f-gk0LzIG04UiGRncVRUktP15bAe-DhP56qpF8YpV2LZZEZgj2C4LBu26kRJvS1mGY2kdmXD3gzQYGKrIJf9ZIdPuR1kNIcFkXuwFrvGpuMN2IpviWdfigI1DtkKp1SvSVq21QLzd6X80uU39qC1KJPgszQ7LeHad61Upi6VNZyO5uv5KEpmjH4XAUKkvQjfBN5299OaqaSgV7wQ-X4RloH3g&__tn__=EH-R

TREA's TOTY Finalists Announced![0]=AZVEIOiwgjaBBgMWyrxGniVshGdIg4vl3CX5hqXADQmyP36KjuYGLI8wEa0w0t1VlNsFVhQS9WyJtU86HvS7WU5UIgJkVEMWZMaG8Z5lFKT9XdCnrpYd74DofpDpkhJW3FCOAzsCYLnlno3dOtdXuu9PynvKdqPokcjEC2nPvNu9t3aBpXz5U8XG2pxgE-ca6N0HttiVqrh6N3eYO_N1IVSp&__tn__=EH-R

TREA's SOTY Finalists![0]=AZWHGF7jVnG-8bJ24cQ3U7LFfXJq0d6lGSM0Ej3XVxTxa5fGIfPgC_UQNykZSla_xamZbT0q-6xGtB2psI75ZhFSIlfMbPY7Sr5mFh_RyHN8N7G8VlCvSmlxKbl1I8nZk5G1ZfGtlPuK80Og1fmGEzjyN_b43zUhVEC-ipR0u1_zCoBnvjMPqzcXKLfW4jGPNsCgsOc4X9e5iOmkKQttYmv7&__tn__=EH-R

Thoughts and Prayers for the Chico School Community

We are saddened to hear about the family of four killed in a car crash this week.  Our hearts go out to Chico ISD.

Superintendent hosts podcast with Students

Check out Chilton superintendent and TREA Legislative Committee Member Brandon Hubbard as he conducts a podcast with elementary school students.  Brandon, I'm not sure if you're brave, crazy, or a little of both to do this, but you pulled it off, lol!

Blue Angels Video Presentation opportunity for TREA districts

RYHT Pro-Public Education Videos-check them out!

Access to Health Services Crisis in Rural Texas

See this new website on Keeping Rural Schools Open

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

If you haven't already done so, check out the #Teachers Can website.


Pleasant surprise seeing a past TREA Scholarship Recipient Thursday!


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