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1-99 - $275.00
100-499 - $600.00
500-999 - $625.00
1000-1999 - $650.00
2000-2999 - $700.00
3000+ - $775.00



TREA Only - $500.00

TREA/NREA Joint - $800.00





Services offered by TREA Sponsors at no cost!  We have over 30 business that offer a variety of services and benefits to TREA member districts. 

Powell Law Group
Your membership fee qualifies you to be enrolled in PLG’s Legal Service Agreement at no cost. This benefit means you have an attorney on call to answer legal questions at no additional cost to you. A telephone call to the PLG firm will provide you with an answer to a legal question immediately. There is no cost unless legal research is required. Additionally, the law firm will provide you with 1 hour of Board Member training credit at no cost to you. Staff training on current legal issues is also available to members at a very low cost. Contact: Blake Powell, [email protected] 512-494-1177

Live Oak Public Finance 
Live Oak Public Finance offers a free review of member school district’s outstanding debt. They can provide you with options to reduce tax rates through debt consolidation or refinancing, as well as review financing options available to you for needed projects. Live Oak Public Finance works with your community, staff, and school board well prior to bond elections. Contact: Christian Merritt, [email protected] 512-726-5547

BWA Architects 
A full service architectural planning and design firm, will provide a comprehensive assessment of facilities considered for improvement, including all systems and roofs, conducted by trained and licensed professionals. A report will be provided with information on useful life and recommendations on improvement prioritization as well as most effective utilization of spaces. In addition, the BWA team will provide bond support in preparation of a successful election.” Contact:  Jenna Norton at 903-276-2990 [email protected]   

Friends of Texas Public Schools/Common Sense Communications
Offers a Public Relations program retainership for districts that are members of TREA and FOTPS. Contact: Scott or Leslie Milder, [email protected] [email protected] 214-497-6411

KLC Video 
Supports TREA by contributing 1% of all invoice purchases by a TREA member into the TREA Scholarship fund. Their contributions have allowed us to increase scholarship amounts by $300 for the past two years. Rural students benefit from their contribution. Contact: Tisha King [email protected] 903-792-7262

TIPS: The Interlocal Purchasing System
A purchasing cooperative that can save your district time and money in every aspect of school district procurement. Contact: Meredith Barton, [email protected]  903-575-2791

Superintendent Mentor Program
If you are new to the superintendency, you must have a trained superintendent mentor who oversees your 36 hours of professional development and corresponds with you on a regular basis. TREA has over 60 Superintendent Mentors across the state and in most ESC Regions. Contact: Bill Tarleton, [email protected] 254-602-2056

Student Scholarship Opportunities
Available to every graduating senior attending a TREA member district. In 2021 the association awarded 24 -$2000 scholarships. The association also pays scholarship recipient lodging at the Summer Conference.

TREA Summer Conference
This is the only conference of its kind in Texas for rural educators and school board members. The conference presents opportunities for administrators, teachers and school board members to address issues unique to rural Texas. See www.txrea.com for dates and detail.

Since 1992, TREA has been dedicated to improving teaching and learning in the rural schools of Texas.  We do this in a number of ways. We work with other educational organizations, agencies, and legislators, on issues that affect our membership.    

National Rural Education Association
TREA is an affiliate of the National Rural Education Association (NREA).  When a district joins TREA, they also become a voting member of NREA. Contact: Dr. Allen Pratt, at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga, [email protected] 423-425-4539

National Rural Education Advocacy Consortium
TREA is also a member of the National Rural Education Advocacy Consortium. We work with over 20 other states on rural issues and advocate for their needs at the federal level. Contact: Jerry Stout, [email protected] 


TREA Exists To...

Support and Collaborate
Provide a Variety of Services/Benefits
Advocate for Rural Schools
Be a resource for superintendents
Provide Leadership Opportunities 

Priority Areas:
Leadership, Advocacy, Sustainability