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TREA was founded in 1992 to improve advocacy for rural schools at the State Board of Education, the Texas State Legislature and the U.S. Congress.

We are especially focused on legislation that directly affects rural schools like the small and mid-size adjustments and we enjoy cooperating with all like minded groups in that advocacy.

TREA is affiliated with the National Rural Education Association and cooperates with the National Rural Education Coalition as we advocate on the national level for Federal Funding.

TREA is dedicated to developing leadership qualities in rural educators and to improving teaching and learning in the rural schools of. Texas.

We conduct a Summer Conference which contains opportunities to share experiences and ideas that help us address the two most pressing issues in rural Texas.

1. Qualified teacher shortages and

2.The retention of qualified teachers in our rural schools.

At the conference we also share administrative ideas that help rural administrators run their schools with very little staff assistance.

TREA recently started a Best Practices in Rural Schools Spring Conference with the assistance of the Gates Foundation and our Region Education Service Centers.

Our intent for that Conference is to have a forum where rural schools across the entire state can share with each other some ideas that have been successful for them to improve teaching and learning.

We invite schools who share rural values to join our association.

Remember, our criteria for membership is: “If You Think You Are Rural ---YOU ARE!”


Don Rodger PictureWe will work hard to keep that from happening by uniting with other like-minded associations and through our own efforts.

The other issue we are focused on is the serious rural problem of recruiting and retaining teachers in rural Texas.

TREA has been successful in both helping pass legislation important to rural schools. We have also been able to assist the defeat of bad legislation.

TREA will be asking our members to respond by contacting their respective legislative members on important issues as they have in the past.

Don Rogers, Ed.D.
Executive Director


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TREA Mission:  To improve teaching and learning in Texas Rural Schools.

National Rural Education Association

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