Jerry McAdams Column

I remember how hot it was in July of 1997.

We were hauling and unloading all our worldly possessions, including a one-year-old child, at the old Hafer place on the edge of town.

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See TREA Leg. Chair and Cushing Supt. Op Ed on ESAs

NREA's Dr. Allen Pratt Op Ed -Great Read!

UT Teach Blended Learning Program

Even though there is a cost for the program, it is reimbursable when completed.  

Bastrop County Cares Fatherhood Conference

News for TREA partner Robotics Education Competition Foundation

Scholarship opportunity from TxDOT

TREA students keep knocking it out of the park!

Other TREA Member District students doing great things?  Send the link to [email protected]

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Congrats to this TREA Member District Burkburnett student!

Our hearts go out to the Livingston ISD school community

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and community in this tragic event.

TREA Summer Conference 2023 Podcast

Thanks to Podcast Architects for producing this podcast.  

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Student Heroes Awards - Application Period Open

Rise Initiative Fellowship Opportunity

SMU Leadership Program Applications Open

TASA's Small School Network

R-PEP Opportunity/TEA

Voting and Elections Toolkit

Reprinted with permission from TASA.  Vote! in the Primary Races.

VOTE! in the March 5 Primary-Early voting starts Feb 20,_2024

This is one website you can go to and find out what your ballot will have on it so you can research candidates, propositions, etc. ahead of time.  Pass this along as you see fit.  

TREA Member Borden County former student success

Have a success story from former students of TREA Member Districts?  Send the link to [email protected]

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TREA schools have free access to this valuable STEM Resource

Contact Wayne Fagan if you are interested in participating!

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