Drone Education Opportunity-Check this out soon!!

 TREA has worked with REC for several years now in providing robotics kits to member district schools.  Check out this new opportunity they are offering for member districts of NREA.  


Happy 2024! Hope your New Year is off to a great start.

I am reaching out to share details about an amazing opportunity with our Drones Program, and one not to be missed via a NASA grant.

Ideally it would be great to identify an area with 4 - 8 schools who want to be involved and who are near NASA facilities. Below is a map with NASA facilities.


We can give them equipment for their team and to run an event.   Below is what we have to offer right now - can you think of anyone in your affiliated states who would be interested in jumping in and making this happen this spring?

I will be happy to schedule a meeting with our Drones Program Manager, Louann Cormier.

Please let me know. When is a good time this week for a follow-up phone call?

Warmly, Deborah


Here is what we have

·  Each school would get equipment to start 4 drone teams (each team has 2-3 students)

·  Grades 5-12

·  School would get 6 drones, a full competition field and team registration

·  Once we identify the 6 schools we will do a virtual workshop with all the coaches/teacher/mentors

·  The school keeps the equipment and we work to have them return next season

How you can help

·  Identify schools.  Ideally between 4 - 8 Locations

·  Assist in running a competition this spring for these schools.  Ideally one of those schools would host it in their gym or any large space.  Maybe a college campus?  

·  I have a $1000 mentor stipend I can issue to someone on your team to assist with making all this happen.  This person will work right alongside us!

·  I also have additional grant funding to send additional competition fields to support future workshops/competitions

·  Is there a college in your area that offers drones or aviation?  They make great partners for hosting a competition

Commonly asked questions

·  How long do teams need to practice?  For a starting team, I would recommend doing a 6 week long school drone team program.  Each week students will come in for a few hours to practice coding, piloting and preparing for the competition 6 weeks later.  

·  Do coaches need any other funds?   Sometimes there is a fee to enter the competition.   You as the event partner hosting the event can decide what is right for you and your community.  Hopefully we can keep this free or very low cost for teams getting started.    Tshirts for the students (optional) and transportation to the event are other options.

·  What is a competition like?  Since all the schools are new - this competition will be more of a workshop/competition.  Teams will get the full experience, but since everyone is learning, we will set things up to keep everyone comfortable and learning!  The best way to learn is to jump in.

Where can I learn more?


Our website has some great videos on it - check it out at https://recf.org/aerial-drone-competition/


What's next?

·  Can we set up a webinar and invite area schools so we can explain what we do and what it entails?  If at all possible I'd like to hand out these grants by February 1st so they can get equipment in February to practice in March.

·  OR if you are just ready to jump in, ask schools to fill out this application and with your recommendations, we can approve them right away.



Deborah Cavalcante

Program Diversity & Inclusion Manager | REC Foundation

(929) 493-8548

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